About Us


For over 14 years, the Christmas Company has been providing Christmas lights installation services both for residential and commercial projects across the Fort Worth-Dallas Texas area. It all started in 2004 with 40 clients that doubled in numbers the following holiday season and the rest, as they say, is history.

From holiday design ideas to lights installation, maintenance and timely removal, the Dallas-based, Christmas lights installation company, takes care of the entire seamless operation from start to finish. Do you want a towering Christmas tree adorned in lights welcoming your guests and carolers? No problem! Do you want a captivating Christmas wonderland for your strip mall to entertain customers and attract more foot traffic during the shopping season? No problem!


Christmas Company is all about spreading holiday cheers, and we do it by highlighting the very best features in and around your property. Be it a Victorian home, a municipality or a Children’s hospital. From trees and bushes, to rooflines and windows, to entryways and patios, our skilled professionals can transform any space into a very merry backdrop. The best part for you? There’s no untangling lights. No climbing tall ladders. No electrical work. Your job is to join in on the holiday celebrations.


To spread beauty and holiday cheers, to inspire valuable business opportunities, by providing a turnkey Christmas lighting installation solution, including seamless service for both local retailers and larger organizations alike.


To inspire joy, gratitude and prosperity for local retailers and larger business organizations, by honoring and celebrating the holiday spirit in ways that transform where they work or play.


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Thanks to a seasoned executive team with both hands-on experience and strategic leadership skills, Christmas Company is able to offer hassle-free, rentable, next-level holiday lights installation services.

For over a decade, David has been leveraging his entrepreneurial spirit to continuously push the boundaries of business development. As a results-oriented leader, Christmas Company’s CEO possesses in-depth knowledge in key growth areas including financial analysis and forecasting, contract negotiations, sales team building and training as well as marketing strategy planning. Under his exemplary leadership, Christmas Company was able to outsell the competition 3 to 1.

Ronnie brings years of project management experience to tackle the role of COO with one goal in mind: to develop objectives resulting in implementing the company’s vision. Prior to joining Christmas Company, Ronnie leveraged his solutions-driven leadership style to maximize ROI for brands like American Airlines, Brooks Brothers and Home Depot. The detail-oriented COO is experienced in web development and systems migration, competitive intelligence, testing and quality assurance and more.


From mesmerizing canopy tree lights to colossal wreaths and dazzling garlands, Christmas Company has everything you need to leverage the busy holiday season to make a difference in your bottom line. Our holiday lights installation projects are a true testament to our capabilities which include design direction, installation and timely removal. For more visibility, increased foot traffic and maximum brand exposure, trust the expert Dallas Christmas lights installers for your holiday decorations.