Next Level Christmas Lighting: LED Net Lights, Color, Music and More

With Thanksgiving just behind us, Christmas time is officially underway. That means photo ops at the mall with Santa Claus, gift shopping, meal prepping, decorating your home and so much more on your to-do list. When it comes to holiday decorations there are plenty of options to go with, from various lighting techniques to Christmas [...]

From Christmas Lights to RGB Lighting For Any Event

Christmas Day is fast approaching and soon the magic of holiday lights will disappear. The presents will be opened, the delicious treats eaten and New Year’s resolutions just around the corner. But the Dallas Christmas lights installers remain busy throughout the year with event lighting installations to support a variety of events and special occasions [...]

Holiday Decorations With Music Truly Broadcast The Spirit Of The Season

December is right around the corner, which means holiday decorations are up, everyone is in a better mood and in some parts of the country people are getting ready for the cold. Did you know that Caribou (Maine) and Jackson (Wyoming) make up some of the coldest cities in the U.S.? Even in the midst [...]

Let LED Lighting Light Up Your Christmas & All Your Special Life Events

Some say the world was formed in darkness - but it lives in light. For over twelve years, the Christmas Company has been providing Christmas holiday lights and events installation services both for residential and commercial projects across the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. We’ve worked with a wide variety of homes, from lavish estates to [...]

Top Christmas Decorations For Your Home

Christmas comes along only once a year, but the merry holiday creates a BIG splash. Everywhere you go there are colorful decorations, tall Christmas trees, Santas, glittery ornaments and even snow (real and fake). For an entire month the spirit is joyful and everyone is a little happier. Christmas decorations like door wreaths and candy [...]

Can Holiday Lights Installation Be Profitable For Your Business?

When you think of Christmas lights and decorations, you think holiday décor for the house, right? A giant snowman, tree lights, maybe a sugar cane or two... But have you thought about holiday decoration installations for your business? From shiny rooflines, to grand entrances, dazzling pathways, icicles, majestic garlands, tree wraps and so much more. [...]

To Jazz Up Your Home For The Holidays

The holiday season will be here before you know it, with its glitter and gold, stuffed stockings by the mantel and festivities galore. Christmas is a beautiful holiday that brings everyone together for massive family reunions, delicious food around the clock and gift exchanging marathons. While traditions are unique in every household, the holiday décor [...]

Bring The Beauty & Magic Of Christmas To The Outdoors

Sure we all know what Christmas looks like in our home sweet home. Getting together with family, presents all wrapped up under the decorated Christmas tree and, of course, lots of delicious home cooking and baked goods. But what about your outdoor area? Are you forgetting your grand entrance? Captivate guests, friends and neighbors with [...]

How To Host A Christmas Party For The Entire Holiday Season

Why host an office Christmas party for a few hours when you can celebrate the magical holiday for entire month? Many companies across the nation are renting our venues, making elaborate dinner reservations for a party of 30 colleagues or worse, hosting a Christmas party among a sea of cubicles. With Christmas Company, you can [...]

Top 5 Benefits To Outsourcing Your Christmas Lights Installation

The holidays aren’t too far away…what with the back-to-school season well underway, you know Christmas is just around the corner. The to-do list is extra long during those month-long preparations for that one magical night a year, from nonstop gift shopping to cleaning and cooking marathons, to travel plans and so much more depending on [...]