Broadcast the spirit of the season

Christmas lights dot the night, lining homes and businesses like strings of multicolor stars as you drive by. Each set catches your attention for a moment, but then quickly fades from your consciousness. Each stands still and quiet.

Christmas is, after all, a “silent night.”

But does it have to be? Suddenly, a festively lit sign next to one of the displays catches your eye and directs you to tune your radio to a certain frequency.

Suddenly, the songs and sounds of the season, perfectly timed to those Christmas lights, pour into your car.

You’re no longer driving. No, you’re gliding through Christmas itself.

Music adds that certain something that brings your Christmas lighting display to life. And broadcasting it via FM radio transmitters like those used by the Christmas Company, Dallas Fort Worth’s Christmas and holiday light installation experts, turns your display into a private holiday treat for all those who want it. (While keeping the “silence” intact for all those—such as resting family or neighbors—who don’t.)

FM transmitters broadcast the spirit of the season.

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