Can Holiday Lights Installation Be Profitable For Your Business?

When you think of Christmas lights and decorations, you think holiday décor for the house, right? A giant snowman, tree lights, maybe a sugar cane or two… But have you thought about holiday decoration installations for your business? From shiny rooflines, to grand entrances, dazzling pathways, icicles, majestic garlands, tree wraps and so much more. Think about the visibility that outdoor lighting can deliver for your business.
Christmas lights can really help a business increase their revenue and can even be used as a marketing campaign. But who wants to deal with tangled bundles of Christmas lights, waiting in long lines just to pay for a few holiday decorations, not to mention climbing unsafe ladders. Municipalities, office buildings, restaurants and even hospitals can benefit from hinging Christmas light during the busy holiday season.

Shopping malls are another area that can truly leverage the spirit of the holidays since their square footage is huge. Imagine a Christmas light installation by the entrance of a department store like Macy’s or dazzling holiday decorations by a large mall waiting area surrounded by majestic fountain. Christmas Company has been in the holiday lights installation business for over 12 years, and seen countless clients benefit from their turnkey rentable solution. That’s right, when you employ the Dallas holiday light installers, all of your Christmas lights and decorations such as giant wreaths and shiny icicles are provided, installed and even removed.
From more foot traffic to increased visibility and even publicity, holiday lights installation offers many benefits to businesses. Displaying a large spectacle of lights at the entrance of your business be it a budget hotel or public library. For businesses, Christmas Company can completely transform their work environment into something enchanting and inspirational, increasing brand awareness improving sales, boosting staff morale, advertising the business during closing hours, and developing a stronger sense of community.
These days, when possible, LED lights are used for their environmentally friendly quality. They don’t burn out as easily, plus they burn cooler and cost less to run than the older ones. Also, LED lights make special effects possible so there’s more to play with on a creative level. That’s a great way for businesses to differentiate themselves. Incandescent lights aren’t as versatile.

LED lights can change color and are brighter, which can be very attractive. They also require 90% less voltage to illuminate so businesses can be saving money at the power meter. LED lights are less susceptible to weather damage, whereas incandescent bulbs are more fragile when exposed to freezing temperatures and could break more easily. But rest assured, when you work with Christmas Company, our Dallas holiday lights installers leverage the highest quality of lights for the appropriate task.

Safety first when installing holiday lights, since we’re dealing with electrical outlets. You need to know how many lights can be plugged into each outlet. You don’t want to short out because you went overboard with the amperage. You have to also protect the outlets from rain or snow, since water and electricity don’t match. For those reasons, make sure you work with holidays lights installers that is credible and reputable like Christmas Company.

There’s more than enough on your to-do list during the holiday season, so a little help can go a long way. Check out the image gallery section of this website for ideas and inspiration on what you can do to promote your business with Christmas lights this year. When you work with the Christmas Company, you have a partner throughout the entire holiday lights installation. From project management to actual delivery, our expert light installers are with you every step of the way. Whether you want garlands, arches, wreaths or bells, you don’t have to worry about any of the logistics instead focusing on the day-to-day operations of running your successful business.

Don’t let getting new business affect your business.

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