From Christmas Lights to RGB Lighting For Any Event

Christmas Day is fast approaching and soon the magic of holiday lights will disappear. The presents will be opened, the delicious treats eaten and New Year’s resolutions just around the corner. But the Dallas Christmas lights installers remain busy throughout the year with event lighting installations to support a variety of events and special occasions for families across the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. From graduations to fundraising galas to retirement bashes to family reunions and more, Christmas Company can turn any event into spectacular celebration thanks to RGB lighting.

Imagine launching your business’ new venture with an ever-changing cornucopia of colors synched to music for a grand opening like never before. Your entryway is your business’ version of a handshake. It gives potential customers their first real physical glimpse of what awaits them inside. Amazing RGB lights installed right, can invite them in, lift their spirits, increase foot traffic and expose your brand.

How about welcoming that special young man into adulthood with an unforgettable bar mitzvah light display, sure to get the party going not to mention the gifts pouring? What about weaving a scene of serene magic as the new bride and groom take their first dance after the wedding? Amazing moments like these can take center stage with amazing light installations from the Christmas Company. For over 12 years, the Dallas holiday lights installers have helped usher in plenty of special occasions thanks to the magic of RGB lighting, providing lively festivities and a touch of magic through color.

So what is RGB lighting? Each RGB (Red, Green, Blue) bulb produces red, green, and blue light simultaneously. These colors mixed in different proportions, create millions of ever-changing shades and hues to dazzle your eyes. RGB lighting turns any wall, tree, or other surface into a magical art installation, bursting with life, spreading cheers, amazement and originality. The RGB lighting installation services from the Christmas Company casts just the right mood, for very special occasion. Go for serene, energetic, joyful—whatever you wish.

As with every light installation from the Christmas Company, you can expect professionalism, reliability and expertise, with everything you need including the latest in computerized controls to run RGB lights. When it comes to decorating with lights, it’s important to install quality products not only for aesthetics but for safety and durability too. So how do you tell the difference between professional-grade lights and do-it-yourself from the hardware store? Throw a good old wind and rainstorm their way and see what happens!

Professional-grade holiday lights and RGB lights like those used by The Christmas Company are designed to outlast the elements. They’re nearly waterproof, so they keep dazzling through all the rain and other harsh weather conditions. The Dallas lights installers use a variety of RGB lights that stay where they’re placed originally, even through brisk winds, thanks to special clips that anchor them without damaging the walls. Let you dream big and build strong. Strung on thick, sturdy, heavy-gauge wire, professional-grade RGB lights let you string more sets together for a truly breathtaking wonder.

To make your visual display pop even more, the Dallas lights installers can synch music to your light show or go with an animated lighting display for even more marvel and wonder. From serene, spiritual experiences to full-on high-energy extravaganzas queued to rocking holiday favorites; from dancing, cavorting characters of light to full-building cascading waves of color, the Christmas Company has the equipment and the expertise to take any occasion to the next level.

The Dallas holiday lights expert have between them a collective 47 years of experience visualizing all of the wondrous holiday display possibilities of every unique property. With Christmas Company, lighting installation is a rentable turnkey solution that includes design, maintenance as well as removal. You can expect a seamless service done without your involvement, so no hassles and climbing ladders for you! From Christmas lights to holiday decorations like icicles and giant wreaths to event RGB lighting for your special occasion, you can rest assured your every detail is taken care with Christmas Company.

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