Holiday Decorations With Music Truly Broadcast The Spirit Of The Season

December is right around the corner, which means holiday decorations are up, everyone is in a better mood and in some parts of the country people are getting ready for the cold. Did you know that Caribou (Maine) and Jackson (Wyoming) make up some of the coldest cities in the U.S.?

Even in the midst of holiday preparations during the month of December, people are already focusing on what’s next. The New Year’s resolutions lists are put together and goals are clearly defined for the following year. It’s a time when most feel motivated, hoping for a fresh start in the weeks to come. The family gatherings, the gift shopping and meal prepping really make December a great month to reflect and decide what matters most.

The daily commute is even better during the last month of the year, where Christmas lights and holiday decorations dot the night, lining homes and businesses like strings of multicolor stars as you drive by. The variety, brightness and whimsicalness of it all are a nice change from the ordinary. Each set of Christmas lights catch your attention for moments at a time, but fade from your consciousness as you drive over to the next block or right around the corner.The merry backdrop of the holidays stands still and quiet as you take in the bright lights.

Christmas after all is a “silent night,” right? The carols’ lyrics seem to think so. “Silent night, Holy night. All is calm, all is bright,” right? Did you know “Silent Night” is translated in over 300 languages and declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2011.The Christmas carol was composed in 1818 by Franz Xaver Gruber to lyrics by Joseph Mohr in a small town in Austria.

But does Christmas have to be a silent night? Not if you ask the Dallas holiday lights installers from the Christmas Company. Thanks to countless holiday lights installationsboth in commercial spaces and residential, from community hospitals to three-bedroom villas, they know how much adding music can transform people’s moods almost instantly. There’s a certain feeling one gets when listening to melodies. Add to that the magical decorations like shiny icicles, dazzling snowflakes and colossal Christmas trees, and you’ve got a very Merry Christmas experience.

So imagine, thanks to the magic of December, your daily commute turning something quite habitual into an extraordinary experience…all thanks to your cars radio and a display that caught your eye directing you to tune it to a specific frequency. Within seconds you’re accompanied by songs and sounds of the season, perfectly timed to those Christmas lights, pouring into your car. According to the Dallas holiday lights installers, you won’t be driving anymore, you’ll be gliding through Christmas itself.

Music adds that certain something that brings Christmas lights to life. And broadcasting it via FM radio transmitters like those used by the Christmas Company, Dallas Fort Worth’s Christmas and holiday light installation experts, turns your holiday lighting display into a private holiday treat for all those who want it. FM transmitters also keep the “silence” intact for all those—such as resting family or neighbors—who rather not have music with their holiday decorations.

LED lighting is more environmentally friendly, period. Traditional incandescent light bulbs are gone, but not banned. The light bulbs were phased out because of 2007’s Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), requiring light bulbs to be roughly 25 percent more efficient.

Besides FM transmitters that broadcast the spirit of the season, the Christmas Company has plenty to turn your holiday into a truly festive event. From LED Christmas lights that are environmentally-friendly and secure to towering Christmas trees that light up the night, it’s all included in your rentable installation. The Dallas holiday lights installers take care of every detail, thanks to a turnkey solution. Whether you have a business such as a strip mall or a house that needs to come alive during the holidays, you won’t have to go through any of the hassles that typically come with installing Christmas lights. So no ladders, no untangling, just kicking back and enjoy the spectacle of lights.

The Christmas company has been serving the Forth Worth area for over 12 years now, adding more homes and businesses to decorate every year. For businesses, a professional holiday lights installation allows them to leverage the busy Christmas season for a better return on investment during that time of the year. From more foot traffic to more sales and community engagement, the magic of the season makes a difference in their bottom line. For homeowners, it’s all about family. The professional lighting encourages more friendly gatherings, delightful conversations and quality time.

So is music in your Christmas this year?