Let LED’s light all your special days.

Some say the world was formed in darkness…

But it lives in light.

The Christmas Company, Dallas/Forth Worth’s event lighting experts, brings amazing moments to life. The LED lights in our displays burn cooler, last longer, and consume less power than traditional incandescents. And what does that mean for you? How about greater safety, a lightshow that always impresses, and a nice slim electric bill?

With all that, you’re free to enjoy the heads turning at the computer-controlled visual wonders of their color changes, dimming, and other amazing effects.

But then, why stop at just ‘the holidays’? How about lighting a scintillating birthday bash in July? Or combining LED’s and soft music in May to ignite the romance of your anniversary? Or perhaps making your business a place of festivity whenever you wish?

So what will you celebrate?

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