Make every event a holiday with RGB lighting.

Imagine launching your business’s new venture with an ever-changing cornucopia of colors synched to music. Imagine welcoming that special young man into adulthood with an unforgettable bar mitzvah light display. Or imagine weaving a scene of serene magic as the new bride and groom take their first dance after the wedding.

Amazing moments like these aren’t just for Christmas.

RGB lighting from the Christmas Company, Dallas/Fort Worth’s event lighting experts, casts a mood serene, energetic, or in between for occasions all through the year.

But what is RGB event lighting? Well, each RGB (Red, Green, Blue) bulb produces red, green, and blue light simultaneously. These colors mix in different proportions, creating millions of ever-changing shades and hues to dazzle our eyes and to turn any wall, tree, or other surface into art bursting with life or a visual balm to calm our spirits.

And RGB event lighting systems from the Christmas Company come complete with all you need—including the latest in computerized controls and the experts to install and run them.

Whatever you imagine, whatever your event, we bring Christmas all year long.

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