Nail First Impressions With Top Ways To Enhance Your Front Entry

Christmas isn’t in full swing for another several months, but the Dallas Christmas lights installation team is already excited about the opportunities for holiday décor, especially for entryways. The front entry of your home or business is a focal point and first to welcome guests or customers. And you know what they say about first impressions! Welcoming entrances also include the pathways or walkways that lead up to them, which can also reflect on your home or business’ curb appeal adding up to 20% to the property value.

Potted plants, statues and more:

You can add interesting elements to your front entry, natural or not, such as potted plants or outdoor statues, that can guide the way to your front door in style… essentially leading people in. Walkways come in various shapes and sizes from wooden one to concrete ones and beyond. The walkway you choose really depends on your personal style. Would you prefer a modern contemporary style or more of a natural setting?

Paint it bright:

Brighten up your front door with a pop of color, choose something bright, happy and light to really make the entryway the focal point of the house and show your personality. Your front entry will pop even more if the rest of the house is mainly white, truly pulling in all of the attention. If you choose to paint your front door yourself, the Dallas Christmas lights installation team suggests you use a water-base paint that’s non-fading so color can look good throughout the year and withstand any harsh weather. Go for a quick-drying formula that you can apply with a roller for a quick application. Our outdoor Christmas lights installers recommend you apply two coats of paint to ensure your front door is as vibrant as can be.

Cut, cut, cut:

An ideal front entry also means overgrown plants and hedges need to be cut. Maintaining your greenery means there’s a clear path to your home, translating to an inviting space before guests even walk into your home or business. Depending on the size of your property, you can choose to the get the help of a professional landscaper or do it yourself. Make sure overgrown stems are snipped and out of the way, and grass is trimmed and even throughout for a more harmonious look.

Add some character:

Set the tone for your front entry by adding some personality to your home or business. The Dallas Christmas lights installation team has a few ideas on how you can change how visitors perceive your property. For example, how about adding a lounge chair or rocking chair, right by the front door? If your exterior entryway is particularly large, you can even go for a two-seater outdoor sofa or a tiny bistro set which is great for a casual, laid back look. You can also use stones or pebbles to create a pathway toward your front entry door, depending on your choice of stone size, color and pattern arrangement, you’ll exude a different tone. How about adding some colored tiles on your front steps for an intricate mosaic? Even architectural details like decorative brackets, moldings, columns and trims can spruce up your outdoor space for a very affordable price.

Make the space more private:

The Dallas Christmas lights installers remind you that privacy can double as a decorative element when it comes to your front entry. By adding a sort of stylish, wooden screen or mid-height picket fence, or even flowers and vines, you’re not only creating a more intimate space, you’re also sprucing it.

Light up the way:

If steps are a major part of your entryway, you can play with lights to jazz up the space. Christmas Company lights installers can help you add sophisticated landscape lighting to your outside steps. Besides a professional installation, you can count on weather-resistant light bulbs and high-quality products should you also want to line up the stairs with brass light fixtures and such. Lighting up your steps will not only transform you front entry, it will also add visibility and safety to your outdoor space.

Spruce up the hardware:

You can also update your front door’s hardware, from its doorknob to the knocker address signage and even doorbell, all of these small elements can totally transform your front entry’s look. Just think about the difference between a heavy, imposing, dark wrought iron door knocker and a flimsy, old brass one? You can go gothic, vintage or modern in style, totally changing the tone of your front entry. Plus, for added security, you can change to a more upscale lock that can complete your front entry look.

For more ideas on how outdoor lighting can transform your front entry, don’t hesitate to contact Christmas Company installers.

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