Next Level Christmas Lighting: LED Net Lights, Color, Music and More

With Thanksgiving just behind us, Christmas time is officially underway. That means photo ops at the mall with Santa Claus, gift shopping, meal prepping, decorating your home and so much more on your to-do list. When it comes to holiday decorations there are plenty of options to go with, from various lighting techniques to Christmas lights placement and playing with color.

When it comes to holiday lights, the Dallas Christmas lights installers tend to get creative with their masterpieces turning front lawns and backyards into truly magical places. Aside from your typical LED lights decorating Christmas trees and shrubs, the Christmas Company goes above and beyond to bring your home or place of business to life. After all, it’s the holiday season! It’s a month-long celebration where everyone is joyful and thankful.

For something a little more creative and sure to make a splash, count on the Dallas Christmas lights installers to create the Christmas village of your dreams. Both for residential and commercial projects, Christmas Company can add a musical element to your holiday lights installation. That’s right, sweet Christmas songs can accompany you wonderful holiday display. For businesses big and small, music can attract a variety of clientele encouraging more foot traffic and togetherness.

Color is another powerful tool to take holiday decorations to the next level.

Color is another powerful tool to take holiday decorations to the next level. Just imagine your garden lighting up, with various areas glowing in diverse shades, from reds to blues to greens to whites and more dazzling colors like silver and gold. When you hire the Christmas Company, you can look forward to bursts of ever-changing flow of color, highlighting different features of your home or business. For example, the Dallas holiday lights installers can wrap your business’ sign with strings of holiday lights for a pop of color and better advertising. Or if you’re a homeowner, Christmas Company can frame your front door and windows with joyful blue lights for a sophisticated and inviting holiday décor to greet your guests.

For even more wow effect, go with LED holiday net lighting. Instead of the typical strings of Christmas lights, the LED holiday net lighting boasts multicolored sets of LED bulbs that are joined together into a web-like weave. Net lights can cover any surface with lustrous splendor, from wide and tall shrubs, to the lawn’s flooring for red carpet-like look, to railings, roofs, fences and even just hanging over areas for a tent-like look. LED net lights can also be used throughout the year, for other special occasions like a spectacular birthday, a special anniversary, a show-stopping grand opening, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and even marketing purposes like a new product launch .

Since the Christmas season is also a hectic one, make sure you plan ahead for your holiday decoration plans. The dancing colors of shimmering lights, the rustic beauty of finely crafted wreaths, the mesmerizing rooflines, they all take time and planning to install. So how can you get ahead of the game so you’re not stuck untangling Christmas lights or climbing wobbly ladders? When working with the Dallas holiday lights installers to transform your home or business into a sight of splendor, here are a few things to think about:

  • Pick your favorite decorating colors. Select a few that play well together such as blue and silver. Color will determine the look and feel you want your Christmas display to portray. Do you want fun and jolly? Or perhaps sophisticated and formal? You decide what you want your Christmas wonderland to look like.
  • Get holiday decorations, Christmas lights, and ornaments that fit your theme and colors. The Christmas Company can help with this and every other part of your plan, since we’re a full service, turnkey rentable solution. Just let us know your ideas and kickback (and relax) while we make it all come to life. The Christmas Company has had 12 years of practice and
  • Pick a holiday theme. Choose Christmas elements or characters that you’d like to feature on your property. Is it giant candy canes? Santa Claus? Snowflakes? Choose your favorites for the month long celebration.

Whatever the occasion, the expert installers at Christmas Company will make sure  your holiday or special event is the talk of the town, with artfully merged LED lights, amazing Christmas music and plenty of wonder to go around.

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