Commercial Establishment Types

At Christmas Company, we believe a wide range of businesses and organizations can take advantage of our professional Christmas lights installations. From shopping malls to healthcare facilities and public parks, our premium quality lights and Christmas decorations keep crowds warm and fuzzy, and in the spirit of the holidays.

Capitalize on that certain “je ne sais quoi” of the holidays with dazzling Christmas lights installation. Transform your environment into something magical and inspirational so you can attract more customers, boost employee morale and advertise your business, all at the same time. There’s a strong sense of community during the holidays with everyone happier, kinder, and more generous. A lavish Christmas décor can really do wonders for your bottom line.

Here’s a partial list of commercial establishments that can spread the holiday spirit with our Dallas landscape design installations:



Hospitals and an other healthcare facilities such as nursing homes rehabilitation centers


Municipalities and community centers such as places of worship, recreation centers and public libraries


Retailers and storefronts such as boutiques, strip malls, shopping malls, bakeries, restaurants and bars


Resorts and other hospitality establishments such as hotels, motels, extended stay facilities, pools, clubhouses and marinas

Lighting Design Consulting

When you work with the Christmas Company, you have a partner throughout the entire holiday lights installation. From project management to actual delivery, our expert light installers are with you every step of the way. For us, it’s crucial that you get your vision executed. Whether you want garlands, arches, wreaths or bells, you don’t have to worry about any of the logistics instead focusing on the day-to-day operations of running your successful business. We like to say, “Don’t let getting new business affect your business.”

First, it’s the discovery stage where your expert Dallas Christmas lights design consultant assesses your needs and collects all of the information needed to convert them into our own dreamy holiday winter wonderland. Next is an on-site evaluation. We believe in on-site assessments, because it provides us with a clear picture of the project’s scope. The on-site evaluation allows us to avoid any unnecessary complications or logistics surprises. No two projects are alike!

Depending on the nature of the job, we’ll share with you an estimate which will include various pieces of information so you’ll have clear expectations. These may include previous similar landscape lighting projects, digital site renderings or other technical layouts, lighting fixtures and specifications, architects and/or engineers consultations (if needed), plans and budget.

Finally, the estimate.

Maintenance & Removal

With the Christmas Company, you can rent your hassle-free Christmas lights décor and let us take care of all the hassles. No climbing ladders for you! Not only do we install your chosen masterpiece of lights, we also remove the entire installation within 2 weeks of the end of the holiday season.

We provide maintenance throughout the season, so you can always count on a show. We work with a sophisticated ticketing systems that allows us communicate and troubleshoot better. You or your staff can text, call or email on a dedicated channel for your project. This channel serves as chat box, which we monitor closely and dispatch accordingly. Plus it’s a great spot to shoot over new ideas, identifying risks  or you can use it to quench your thirst for general questions such as  how many lights are here?.   In addition, we regularly conduct courtesy drive bys to ensure that the lights are in working order.

Christmas Lights Installation

A mesmerizing Christmas lights display can truly leverage the magic of the holidays to increase sales and support other new business initiatives. From brand awareness and public relations exposure to increasing foot traffic and visibility,  can truly make a difference in your bottom line.

So what type of Christmas lights décor can we deliver to help transform your place of business into “The” place to be for the holidays? Think towering Christmas trees in dazzling lights, festive roof lines, cheery entrances, joyful pathways, candy canes displays and celebratory buildings.

Check-out our services on Residential Projects


When you rent your holiday lights and decor, rest assured Christmas Company exclusively rents everything related to your project and only your project. Since these decor items are mass-produced and applied outdoors, installed and removed, they tend to be finicky in nature as a result of their use. Proper storage is required in order for the lights to maintain for long term duration and withstand various weather conditions.

Our Dallas holiday lights installers discovered that many customers prefer for us to maintain the lights, so that we can significantly reduce the failure rate of these lights while in use. This ensures a better quality look to their displays. plus no one wants to deal with storing something and the inherent risks associated with that such as losing the lights.

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