Very Seasoned! The workforce consists of teams with four primary roles within each group, A team leader​, tree climbers/technicians,​ ground support​ for each climber tech and a site support specialist​. Below is the breakdown for each role:

Team Leader -​ They’re the primary point of contact in charge of the entire team. It’s their responsibility to oversee that the work delegated to all members and that it’s executed per the scope and expectations. They also ensure the work is being done in a safe and organized manner. Other responsibilities include reporting, implementation strategy and logistical coordination.

Climber / Technicians -​ A climbing tech is a well versed in climbing techniques that allow for safe ascent and descent of the tree. This role is the backbone of most of our projects. Other responsibilities include installations, removals, troubleshooting as well as maintenance should anything come up. ( Due to the heavy workload this role requires a ground support member to assist the climber in a multitude of ways lessening the physical demand of the role).

Ground Support -​Each ground support member is assigned to assist a climber from the ground. Their responsibilities include pre-climbing safety checks, post-climbing inspections, supplying climbers with products, tools and other means of assistance.

Site Support Specialist -​ The site support specialist is in charge of maintaining a “clean work” atmosphere by removing trash and debris, and to protect the wellbeing of pedestrians nearby by directing traffic and making them aware of the work in the vicinity. Other responsibilities include logistical support, crew support (hydration, etc.), and an assistant to the Team Leader.