Multiple factors are taken into account in our pricing strategy including value, high-quality products, service, reliability, expertise, and credibility, just to name a few. Since 2004 we’ve perfecting our creative and innovative lights installation services, with a substantial focus toward delivering a beautiful experience year after year for everyone involved which include our employees, our customers, the environment, the community our suppliers and the company investors. As a consciously aware organization, we feel that it’s our responsibility to raise the standards of our industry.
Christmas Company recognizes that people don’t have the time, the skills, access to proper tools and design concepts to execute their ideas were Christmas Company does.
Christmas Company supports the community it serves by aligning its interests in ways that impact local social efforts. In the example of the Warm Place, an agency that provides peer-support groups for children and their families after the death of a loved one, we jumped at the opportunity to help with their mission and decorated their facility with lights and greens for a merry holiday.
Christmas company is raising that bar of the Christmas lighting industry leading in a socially responsible way by filtering its decisions with consideration to all its stakeholders (community, employees, customers, suppliers, environment, and investors)

Every project is custom priced. To determine price, we first need to assess what needs to be decorated. Measurements are taken, so we know how much product will be applied. Then we evaluate variables such as accessibility and difficulty level to determine how long installation and removal will take. After we have all three factors, we can establish a cost and guidelines to follow.

Using other people decor poses challenges for us, including efficiency of installation and or the serviceability of the overall project. However, we understand that you may have invested in your own holiday lights and decor or certain items may hold a special place in your heart, so for those reasons, it’s not a deal breaker. Just give us a call and let’s discuss.

Christmas Company owns everything. We exclusively rent these holiday items to our clients on a seasonal basis.

We provide our clients with everything that they need during the busy holiday season including lights, extension cords, timers greens and more. Every single product is tested before anything ever reaches the customer’s door to ensure reliability. Due to our vetted installation, removal and storage practices, we can guarantee the serviceability of your display.

Yes! We have a store just for you, filled with high-quality Christmas-inspired products. You’ll find everything you need to transform your house or business into a spectacle for all to enjoy

It won’t have a significant impact on what your current utility bill is. Please note we are a completely green company and only offer the latest in LED and SMD technologies. Everything is set to a timer, according to the hours specified by our clients, so they will work when you want them to.