We love Mother Nature, so it’s essential for us to protect all trees. When we apply holiday decorations to your trees, we take into account the tree itself, meaning we look at factors such as its age and assess its overall health. In most cases, Christmas decorations will not cause any significant harm to the tree. We’re an environmentally-friendly company, but yes small limbs will break, and leaves will fall. However, the tree won’t die as a result of putting holiday lights on it.

Our service guarantee means that during the Christmas Season, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, your holiday lights display will work. Should there be an unforeseen event, such as weather, just call, text or email us, and our Christmas lights installers will fix, repair or replace whatever is needed within 48hrs.

It depends on the type of roof and the type of application. In most cses, holiday lights are fastened together by specially-made clips designed to be installed on roofs of all kinds. Clips for shingles, magnets for metal or semi-permanent 2-part clips which uses glue or screws/nails to mount it. Working with a professional lighting company ensures that the roof over your head is protected.

It’s simple. If something doesn’t work, we will fix it. Give us a call, send us a message or flag us down, whatever is convenient! Just let us know so we can address the issue asap.

While Christmas Company provides an all-inclusive white-glove turnkey service from beginning to end, the holiday lighting company can’t cover scenarios out of our reasonable control such as vandalism, abuse, theft and natural disasters. Examples include tornadoes or out of the ordinary high winds. If someone crashes their car into your display or if a group of teenage kids decides to hold the reindeer hostage for an unknown price at a non-disclosed location.