Yes, and No, depending on how bad, icy or wet the inclement weather is. If it’s icy and rainy with thunderstorms, the answer is no. A light drizzle is manageable, and our installers will do their best to hit their deadline. As long as there are no clear and present dangers associated with tasks at hand, we will proceed. Otherwise, your project will be pushed to the next available day. Weather permitting.

Yes and No, depending on what needs to be repaired and the item’s specific location. On a rooftop, no. Replacing a timer on the ground, yes.  Even though we use high-quality products, sometimes things can go wrong. If you’re experiencing any service interruptions, please call our office ASAP so that we can work toward resolving the matter quickly and efficiently.

Most likely. Challenges commonly occur due to rainfall or strong winds resulting into tripped ground fault interrupters commonly known as GFCIs. However it’s worth noting that our talented technicians actively pursue methods that mitigate failures, we just can’t control the weather… Yet!

We’re sorry to hear that, but in most cases, it’s due to the weather. However, in a few rare instances, it could be something more such as squirrels, vandalism, landscapers or something else that’s unforeseen.  Luckily, our seasonal clients are the recipients of complete service and maintenance. Just let us know that you’re experiencing an interruption, and we’ll get to the bottom of it asap!

This is the number one question every client asks us since 2004. Unfortunately, the answer is No. its just not logistically possible. We wish we could install everyone’s displays at once, but Santa doesn’t lend us his sleigh.

We remove the display after New Year’s between Jan 2nd and Jan 15th. Precisely when depends on a multitude of factors including weather, proximity, scheduling and other constraints.

No, you don’t have to be onsite. Our crew will arrive at your location fully equipped for the project at hand including all the lights ladders generators and more! However, it is recommended, just in case you or your staff may have some last minute changes you’d like to express to the crew leader onsite.

We love clients like you! Yes. In fact, starting early will help you control cost and mitigate risks by allowing Christmas Company the ample time it needs to plan and implement your project correctly.

A completed project depends on the size, scope, and complexity. Some factors taken into account include time constraints, accessibility, and overall design. All this and more is thoroughly explained before during and then reviewed after we work together.  Ask us for a quote and see for yourself.