How do you win light vs. nature?

How do you tell the difference between professional-grade Christmas lights and do-it-yourself from the hardware store?

Throw a good old Texas wind and rainstorm at them. (Or perhaps two or three.)

Professional-grade holiday lights (like those used by The Christmas Company) are designed to outlast the elements. They

  • Are nearly waterproof. So they keep dazzling through all the rain Texas can deluge them with
  • Stay where you put them, even in those “brisk” winds we love. (Thanks to special clips that anchor them without damaging your walls)
  • Let you dream big and build strong. Strung on thick, sturdy, heavy-gauge wire, professional-grade Christmas lights let you string more sets together for a truly breathtaking wonder. (And one that will take nature’s pounding in stride.)

Consumer grade? Maybe for smaller projects. In nicer weather.


With the Christmas Company’s professional-grade holiday lighting, your display will shine proud and long—whatever the elements.