Let LED Lighting Light Up Your Christmas & All Your Special Life Events

Some say the world was formed in darkness – but it lives in light. For over twelve years, the Christmas Company has been providing Christmas holiday lights and events installation services both for residential and commercial projects across the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. We’ve worked with a wide variety of homes, from lavish estates to quaint cottages as well as community hospitals and strip malls. The spirit of the holidays really does shine through, adding a magical dimension to what can otherwise been seen as bland structures.

From holiday design ideas to Christmas and event lights installation, maintenance, and timely lighting removal,  our Dallas lights installers do it all- right down to the last detail. For us, it’s important that our customer’s journey is seamless, from start to finish. When you work with the Christmas Company, you have a partner for the entire holiday season.

Do you want a larger-than-life Christmas tree adorned in lights welcoming your guests? Or how about a captivating Christmas wonderland creating a magical village at the heart of your strip mall? Just imagine the entertainment value and how you can attract more foot traffic during the shopping season. Your tenants will thank you, that’s for sure! Our Dallas Christmas lights installers cover everything from commercial to residential lighting services year round. If you can imagine it – we can install it!

LED Lights Bring Amazing Moments To Life-For Less

The Dallas Fort-Worth’s event lighting experts, brings amazing moments to life. The LED lights in our displays burn cooler, last longer, and consume less power than traditional incandescents. And what does that mean for you? Greater safety, a lightshow that always impresses, and a nice slim electric bill. With all that, you’re free to enjoy the heads turning at the computer-controlled visual wonders of their color changes, dimming, and other amazing lighting effects!

Lights installations have truly gotten over the years, and you can hire us to take full advantage of various seasonal celebrations, even non-formal holidays such as October’s Beerfest or St-Patrick’s Day. Just imagine what a light show can do for your bar or restaurant during Beerfest. Add a bit of live music and you’ve got an amazing event or even a block party with tons of social media impressions, all linked back to your business. Check out our Instagram page to see some photos of our residential and commercial work .

Why Stop at Christmas? Dallas Holiday Lights Installers Celebrate Year Round!

But then, why just stop at christmas lighting? The Christmas Company offers both residential and commercial lights installation year round! Do you know of someone celebrating a special birthday this year? How about lighting a scintillating birthday bash on the beach or at a park on 4th of July? How about combining LED lighting and soft music in your backyard in May to ignite the romance of your anniversary. Halloween is the perfect occasion to light up your house for some extra spookiness. Valentine’s Day? Show your love by designing a special display with one of our talented lighting consultants. Or perhaps making your business a place of festivity whenever you wish?  Consider lighting up the office for special occasions such as hitting a sales goal, team outings, holiday parties, award ceremonies, birthdays and anniversaries!

So what and when will you celebrate?

Want To Know More About LED Lighting? Christmas Company is Here to Help.

LED lighting is more environmentally friendly, period. Traditional incandescent light bulbs are gone, but not banned. The light bulbs were phased out because of 2007’s Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), requiring light bulbs to be roughly 25 percent more efficient.

With incandescent light bulbs that’s impossible to achieve without decreasing their brightness (or luminosity) so light bulb manufacturers have moved to more energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting. Although purchasing these lights might cost more initially, you’ll have to repurchase the “less expensive” light bulb several times before you replace the LED even once!LED lighting is highly efficient and will save you roughly $130.00 in energy costs over a new bulb’s lifetime. So whether you use them throughout your home and/or outdoors they are a good way to save energy and money.

Where can LED lighting be used? Floodlights, spotlights, outdoors and recessed-lighting formats, as well as in designer formats such as the flat panels of the Pixi system. In addition to being environmentally friendly, LED lighting burns cooler and lasts longer – not to mention, holds up in a wicked light show!

Our Lighting Work – Spreading the Holiday Cheer to All!

The Dallas holidaylights installers are all about spreading holiday cheer, by highlighting the very best features in and around your property, business, or event. Be it your home sweet home, a municipality or a children’s hospital, from trees and bushes, to rooflines and windows, our skilled professionals can transform any space. And the best part for you? No untangling lights, replacing light bulbs, climbing tall ladders, and no electrical work or maintenance. All you need to do is enjoy the holidays or whatever it is you might be celebrating! “Like” and follow us on Facebook or contact us for all if your lighting needs.