Beautiful Accessories to Help You Decorate

In order to pull off that beautiful holiday decoration display, a lot of planning has to go into it, along with all of the necessary décor and accessories. Creating a winter wonderland and decking the halls with holiday cheer requires patience, plus the right equipment. To make sure your decorations go up and stay up until you’re ready to take them down, you need the right décor& accessories like hooks, hangers and clips. They all have a specific purpose: to help your decorations stay where you want them to stay. For outdoor gear to hang lights from gutters and downspouts, aluminum siding and brick will be easier with décor accessories from the Christmas Company. Whether it’s C7 and C9 clips or ground stakes to help the bulbs stay in one unified direction or hangers to hang wreaths and door swags, we have all the decor & accessories you need for your holiday decorating project.

The Gift Presentation That Says Wow

Giving a special something that is really big this holiday? Something that is too big to wrap with gift wrapping paper but still want the gift to have a presentation look to it? Use our red-gold nylon out bow. Bold red with gold trim on the edges in a four loop design with notched tails, our bows come in a variety of sizes from 12” x 15” for a bicycle or electric scooter to 4’ x 6’ for a car, truck, van, bus, house, church or building. We have the red-gold nylon out bow that says, “Surprise!” These bows are made out of durable nylon and can withstand wind, rain, snow and heat. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Its sturdy design assures it will keep its shape throughout the holiday season. As with everything in the Lone Star state, bigger is better. Want to make a statement? Hang our large red-gold nylon out bows on your house and you will be the envy of everyone in your neighborhood. As a special note, the 4 ft. x 6 ft. bow looks great on our 8’ wreath. While our bows look great on their own, you can certainly add ornaments or lights to them as part of your holiday theme.

Ideas On What to Put a Large Bow On

Large bows invoke a giddy childlike feeling in all of us. It screams happiness, joy and anticipation. These wonderful feelings can easily be transferred to others through goodwill. Want to use a large red-gold nylon out bow but don’t know what to put it on? Need some ideas? How about using it as a focal point for a toy drive or canned food drive? At large holiday office parties, it can be used as a beacon to let people know where they can go to drop off a holiday toy, toiletries for the homeless or gift items for the Salvation Army. For a holiday fun run or race events, it can be used as the symbol of the starting line and/or the finish line.


Let’s be real, a 4 ft. by 6 ft. red-gold nylon out bow isn’t small. It is as tall as an adult man and as wide three people so installation might be a bit tricky. This is when you call on our experts. We are working on 15 years of experience in the holiday decorating business and can easily install your bow, as well as take it down when the holidays are over. We have all of the tools and accessories to make sure your bow is securely installed.