Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple factors are taken into account in our pricing strategy including value, high-quality products, service, reliability, expertise, and credibility, just to name a few. Since 2004 we’ve perfecting our creative and innovative lights installation services, with a substantial focus toward delivering a beautiful experience year after year for everyone involved which include our employees, our customers, the environment, the community our suppliers and the company investors. As a consciously aware organization, we feel that it’s our responsibility to raise the standards of our industry. Christmas Company recognizes that people don’t have the time, the skills, access to proper tools and design concepts to execute their ideas were Christmas Company does. Christmas Company supports the community it serves by aligning its interests in ways that impact local social efforts. In the example of the Warm Place, an agency that provides peer-support groups for children and their families after the death of a loved one, we jumped at the opportunity to help with their mission and decorated their facility with lights and greens for a merry holiday. Christmas company is raising that bar of the Christmas lighting industry leading in a socially responsible way by filtering its decisions with consideration to all its stakeholders (community, employees, customers, suppliers, environment, and investors)

Every project is custom priced. To determine price, we first need to assess what needs to be decorated. Measurements are taken, so we know how much product will be applied. Then we evaluate variables such as accessibility and difficulty level to determine how long installation and removal will take. After we have all three factors, we can establish a cost and guidelines to follow.

Using other people decor poses challenges for us, including efficiency of installation and or the serviceability of the overall project. However, we understand that you may have invested in your own holiday lights and decor or certain items may hold a special place in your heart, so for those reasons, it’s not a deal breaker. Just give us a call and let’s discuss.

Christmas Company owns everything. We exclusively rent these holiday items to our clients on a seasonal basis.

We provide our clients with everything that they need during the busy holiday season including lights, extension cords, timers greens and more. Every single product is tested before anything ever reaches the customer’s door to ensure reliability. Due to our vetted installation, removal and storage practices, we can guarantee the serviceability of your display.

Yes! We have a store just for you, filled with high-quality Christmas-inspired products. You’ll find everything you need to transform your house or business into a spectacle for all to enjoy

It won’t have a significant impact on what your current utility bill is. Please note we are a completely green company and only offer the latest in LED and SMD technologies. Everything is set to a timer, according to the hours specified by our clients, so they will work when you want them to.

Of course. We carry everything from general liability and workman’s comp to auto insurance and so on. For our larger light installation projects, we carry both Bid Bonds and Performance Bonds.

Indeed we do. In fact, we even provide you with two options. Option 1: we can turnkey the entire event including the lights installation and removal for the event Option 2: you can rent what you need and DIY (do it yourself). Both options are perfect for Party tents, Backyard BBQs, Weddings, anniversaries or other events.

Yes. Our current equipment inventory consists of multiple ladders ranging in size from 4 foot to 20 foot, A-frame step ladders, multiple 20 to 40 foot extension ladders, 5 company branded vehicles with towing capacity, 2 – 20 foot fully-enclosed and company branded cargo trailers, floor-to-ceiling pallet rack warehouse storage with bar-coded inventory system and an ample supply of heavy duty storage/transport totes to protect inventory from damage. Plus, any additional resources needed to facilitate project installation and removal such as aerial lifts, bucket trucks, scissor lifts, etc. are provided by our rental vendors with which we have maintained a good working relationship over the years.

There are a multitude of factors we take into account depending on the application. These factors are generally fleshed out in advance of our arrival or in some cases adjustments are made on the fly the day of arrival. For example, at the modern museum of art, it required a 60 ft aerial lift that weighs 22,000lbs to access specific points across the campus. This meant that the lift had to be driven over the grass while not creating ruts in the ground, breaking the industrial sprinkler system or harming the low hanging limbs of the very trees we were tasked to decorate. So we formulated a plan, by isolating each risk one at a time than allocate a team to executes the plan. We are happy to report that 85 trees later that zero sprinklers were harmed in the making of that display.

Yes, and know that you’re not alone. We hear it all the time. We’ve been providing unique applications since the very beginning too. Just ask Susan, she wanted to do something creative that not a lot of people do. So we came up with a plan to turn her live oak trees into weeping willows but with lights! [ Insert video ] Or in another situation, Carol wanted to celebrate her affinity for Texas Christian University while still honoring the holidays. Check out here purple candy Canes [ insert video ]

Very Seasoned! The workforce consists of teams with four primary roles within each group, A team leader​, tree climbers/technicians,​ ground support​ for each climber tech and a site support specialist​. Below is the breakdown for each role: Team Leader -​ They’re the primary point of contact in charge of the entire team. It’s their responsibility to oversee that the work delegated to all members and that it’s executed per the scope and expectations. They also ensure the work is being done in a safe and organized manner. Other responsibilities include reporting, implementation strategy and logistical coordination. Climber / Technicians -​ A climbing tech is a well versed in climbing techniques that allow for safe ascent and descent of the tree. This role is the backbone of most of our projects. Other responsibilities include installations, removals, troubleshooting as well as maintenance should anything come up. ( Due to the heavy workload this role requires a ground support member to assist the climber in a multitude of ways lessening the physical demand of the role). Ground Support -​Each ground support member is assigned to assist a climber from the ground. Their responsibilities include pre-climbing safety checks, post-climbing inspections, supplying climbers with products, tools and other means of assistance. Site Support Specialist -​ The site support specialist is in charge of maintaining a “clean work” atmosphere by removing trash and debris, and to protect the wellbeing of pedestrians nearby by directing traffic and making them aware of the work in the vicinity. Other responsibilities include logistical support, crew support (hydration, etc.), and an assistant to the Team Leader.

It depends on the application. Tops of buildings, no Problem! On trees, that’s a different story because trees grow. As they develop, there’s added stress applied to the lights wrapped around the tree. So the approach, for example with our client Trailhead at Clearfork who wanted their trees to be permanently wrapped, was to provide an annual maintenance program along with the installation so that changes can be made progressively.

Prices are based on a percentage of the project scope. We don’t have a flat fee, but the plans generally include four annual inspections that cover both the product and labor.

We love Mother Nature, so it’s essential for us to protect all trees. When we apply holiday decorations to your trees, we take into account the tree itself, meaning we look at factors such as its age and assess its overall health. In most cases, Christmas decorations will not cause any significant harm to the tree. We’re an environmentally-friendly company, but yes small limbs will break, and leaves will fall. However, the tree won’t die as a result of putting holiday lights on it.

Our service guarantee means that during the Christmas Season, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, your holiday lights display will work. Should there be an unforeseen event, such as weather, just call, text or email us, and our Christmas lights installers will fix, repair or replace whatever is needed within 48hrs.

It depends on the type of roof and the type of application. In most cses, holiday lights are fastened together by specially-made clips designed to be installed on roofs of all kinds. Clips for shingles, magnets for metal or semi-permanent 2-part clips which uses glue or screws/nails to mount it. Working with a professional lighting company ensures that the roof over your head is protected.

It’s simple. If something doesn’t work, we will fix it. Give us a call, send us a message or flag us down, whatever is convenient! Just let us know so we can address the issue asap.

While Christmas Company provides an all-inclusive white-glove turnkey service from beginning to end, the holiday lighting company can’t cover scenarios out of our reasonable control such as vandalism, abuse, theft and natural disasters. Examples include tornadoes or out of the ordinary high winds. If someone crashes their car into your display or if a group of teenage kids decides to hold the reindeer hostage for an unknown price at a non-disclosed location.

Yes, we store everything at our central warehouse and office location 1500 Northpark Dr. Fort Worth TX 76102. With over 24,000 cubic feet of warehouse space available for lighting products and equipment storage. We have floor-to-ceiling pallet racks warehouse storage with bar-coded inventory system and an ample supply of heavy duty storage/transport totes to protect the inventory from damage. It’s worth pointing out that before any of our products make it to our shelves, each is tested individually in case repair or replacement is required. Then all products associated with a specific client are safely allocated to their dedicated location and adequately stored for next use.

North Texas service area – the Christmas Company proudly serves all of the Dallas-Fort Worth, North Texas area also known as The DFW Metroplex to the locals. The largest metropolitan area in Texas includes a number of counties including Parker County, Hood County, and Collin County. Besides Dallas and Fort Worth, we light up Arlington, Plano, Irving, McKinney, Frisco and Mesquite, Johnson, Rockwall, Hunt, and Denton just to name a few. South Texas – The Greater Austin Travis County, Williamson County, Hays County and Comal County

This is a tough one. It’s tough to predict what is going to sell, when and how many items will sell. We work closely with our international network of manufacturers as well as our national distributors to try to forecast inventory and bring you the best prices.

Yes, and No, depending on how bad, icy or wet the inclement weather is. If it’s icy and rainy with thunderstorms, the answer is no. A light drizzle is manageable, and our installers will do their best to hit their deadline. As long as there are no clear and present dangers associated with tasks at hand, we will proceed. Otherwise, your project will be pushed to the next available day. Weather permitting.

Yes and No, depending on what needs to be repaired and the item’s specific location. On a rooftop, no. Replacing a timer on the ground, yes. Even though we use high-quality products, sometimes things can go wrong. If you’re experiencing any service interruptions, please call our office ASAP so that we can work toward resolving the matter quickly and efficiently.

Yes and No, depending on what needs to be repaired and the item’s specific location. On a rooftop, no. Replacing a timer on the ground, yes. Even though we use high-quality products, sometimes things can go wrong. If you’re experiencing any service interruptions, please call our office ASAP so that we can work toward resolving the matter quickly and efficiently.

Most likely. Challenges commonly occur due to rainfall or strong winds resulting into tripped ground fault interrupters commonly known as GFCIs. However it’s worth noting that our talented technicians actively pursue methods that mitigate failures, we just can’t control the weather… Yet!

We’re sorry to hear that, but in most cases, it’s due to the weather. However, in a few rare instances, it could be something more such as squirrels, vandalism, landscapers or something else that’s unforeseen. Luckily, our seasonal clients are the recipients of complete service and maintenance. Just let us know that you’re experiencing an interruption, and we’ll get to the bottom of it asap! Deadlines

This is the number one question every client asks us since 2004. Unfortunately, the answer is No. its just not logistically possible. We wish we could install everyone’s displays at once, but Santa doesn’t lend us his sleigh.

We remove the display after New Year’s between Jan 2nd and Jan 15th. Precisely when depends on a multitude of factors including weather, proximity, scheduling and other constraints.

No, you don’t have to be onsite. Our crew will arrive at your location fully equipped for the project at hand including all the lights ladders generators and more! However, it is recommended, just in case you or your staff may have some last minute changes you’d like to express to the crew leader onsite.

We love clients like you! Yes. In fact, starting early will help you control cost and mitigate risks by allowing Christmas Company the ample time it needs to plan and implement your project correctly.

A completed project depends on the size, scope, and complexity. Some factors taken into account include time constraints, accessibility, and overall design. All this and more is thoroughly explained before during and then reviewed after we work together. Ask us for a quote and see for yourself.