Holiday Lights You Can Count On

The holidays are upon us and nothing says it’s time to celebrate more than lights and LED bulbs. Whether you’re looking to decorate indoors or outdoors, a tree, your home, office, store, a building, park or festival, we have plenty of beautiful lights to choose from.

Faceted LED Bulbs Sparkle Like Stars

Plain teardrop bulbs are out and faceted strawberry shaped LED bulbs are in. They create a sparkling illumination that makes anything they adorn seem magical. Bright brilliance is what they convey from a distance like a modern day North Star.

Two Sizes of Faceted LED Bulbs: What’s the Difference?

You might have noticed we offer two sizes of faceted LED bulbs, C7 and C9. What’s the difference? Size. C7 bulbs: They are 2 1/8 inches tall and 7/8” wide. C9 bulbs: They are 2 7/8 inches tall and 1 1/8” wide. Both C7 and C9 bulbs are .96 watts.

How Do I Know What Bulb Size I Need?

If you’re not sure what size bulb will fit your string of lights, take an ordinary night light bulb and screw it into the string. If it fits, your string of lights takes C7 bulbs.

Color Your World

While there are many people who like traditional white lights for trimming a building, there are plenty of color options for decorating indoor or outdoor trees and holiday displays. Christmas lights and LED bulbs are no longer solely red and green; they are whatever colors make you feel festive. C7 and C9 faceted LED bulbs come in the following colors:

  • Pure White
  • Warm White
  • Sun Warm White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Teal
  • Multi-colored five pack of red, purple, yellow, green and blue
  • Five-pack of warm white

Mini LED lights

Mini, wide-angle LED lights are a great way to make a subtle, yet impactful, statement. With their concave design, they offer a starburst light halo effect. They are durable and easy to use for both indoor and outdoor decorating. Just like our C7 and C9 LED bulbs, the mini LED lights come in a wide variety of colors.

Safety and Energy Saving

People are switching to LED bulbs because they’re safe and save energy. There’s no more risk of cuts from shattered glass light bulbs and no more high electric bills. LED bulbs use less energy than traditional Christmas light bulbs, up to 90 percent less energy. This is a great savings that will allow you to illuminate longer for less money.

Expert Advice and Ideas

We have been professionally decorating for almost 15 years. We are the leader in North Texas when it comes to illumination and decorating in grand style. We have decorated hospitals, offices, homes and a variety of outdoor displays. We stock enough lights to illuminate all of downtown Dallas and Ft. Worth with more to spare. No job is too big for us to handle.

More Than Just Christmas

While Christmas is in our name, we help people celebrate year round with decorating and lights for a variety of holidays and special occasions. We help those who want to decorate for the Jewish festival of lights, Hanukkah. We also provide lights for Kwanzaa, as well as New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Outdoor Events and Weddings

Planning an outdoor event or even a wedding is a huge undertaking. You want everything to be just right. From the music to the food, it has to be perfect. This is why you allow our lighting experts to decorate and illuminate your event. From colorful mood lighting entrances to bright backdrops as the centerpiece of the event, we handle it all.