Plan to stun. (Or allow us.)

The dancing colors of shimmering lights, the rustic beauty of finely crafted wreaths, and more…the holidays can make your home or business a sight of splendor both subtle and amazing.

But where do you start? What do you do? How do you finish the million-and-one things needed to make that incredible display a reality?

Simple. You make a plan. To begin, you

  • Pick decorating colors. Use a couple that go well together. They’ll be the basis of your display. (Like picking just the right tie to go with that dress shirt.)
  • Pick a theme. Choose holiday elements or characters that go well together and with your colors. (For example, Santa and candy canes for red and white.)
  • Get decorations, lights, and ornaments that fit your theme and colors. We have plenty here at the Christmas Company.

A plan keeps things on track. And for amazing lighting results throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the Christmas Company’s professional event and holiday designers will show you the way!