To Jazz Up Your Home For The Holidays

The holiday season will be here before you know it, with its glitter and gold, stuffed stockings by the mantel and festivities galore. Christmas is a beautiful holiday that brings everyone together for massive family reunions, delicious food around the clock and gift exchanging marathons. While traditions are unique in every household, the holiday décor is customary for everyone.

Every year, how-to articles and online blogs dedicate themselves to helping people decorate their homes for the holiday season. From Christmas lights to candy canes to festive garlands and full-on nativity scenes, if you want to know how to install it, build it or do-it-yourself, you’ll find a DIY blog to help you. And so to continue this tradition, Christmas Company is here to help with top tips on how to decorate your home for the holidays

Red, Green and Gold:

This Christmas décor tip is a no brainer. Whatever items you purchase to adorn your home, go for the traditional colors of Christmas: red, green and gold. From stockings to knick knacks to dried flowers, wreaths and everything in between, try to pick red, green and gold items. Your entire home will symbolize the warmth of the holidays and the Christmas spirit.

Greeting Cards On Your Mantel:

Let’s face it, during the holidays everyone is a bit kinder and generous. You can expect to get a multitude of greeting cards wishing you health, love and happiness. What better way to honor and thank friends, family and co-workers than by displaying their kind words on your mantel. Surround some of your greeting cards with candles, picture frames and other eye-popping items to really transform your mantel into a “piece de resistance.”

Don’t Forget Your Entryway:

Your entryway is one of the first things your friends and family will see. You can create a festive hallway, right by door to act as a giant welcome sign to whoever visits during the merry holiday season. Try putting together a few items by the entryway like a mini Christmas tree, a poinsettia and a console table that’s think enough so it doesn’t actually block the entry. You can use wooden crates, children’s school art project, even vases and dried flowers. A chair or two can also add functionality to the space by letting people sit down as they settle in and take off their shoes and coats.

Decorate the Outdoors:

Speaking of entryway…what about your grand entrance? Your front garden and front door are the first impression your guests will have when they visit your home during the holidays. A holidays lights installation company like Christmas Company can do wonders for your outdoor space during the holiday season. Our Dallas Christmas lights installers will take care of every detail, from the actual Christmas lights installation to the removal of all the holiday decorations so that you don’t to climb any ladder before or after Christmas.

Christmas Company has a wide variety of holiday lights and decorations that are sure to bring about the magic of Christmas. Our number one priority is to realize your precise vision, that’s why we like to visit you on-site and see what we’re working with. No two projects are alike. And don’t worry, even if you have permanent light fixtures or outdoor lighting systems in place, Christmas Company will work around pre-existing lighting. From beautiful wreaths to dazzling string lights adorning your trees and shrubs to shiny rooflines, decorative icicles and more…Just contact your Dallas Christmas lights installers for your FREE estimate.

Glam Up Your Dining Table:

No home is completely jazzed up for Christmas without the sophisticated looking dining able, filled with classy golds and wintery whites. Setting your holiday table is a big part of celebrating the holidays. Besides the delicious foods, drinks and desserts, your dining table is full of opportunities to bring in the holiday cheers. How about a traditional door wreath acting as a centerpiece? Add a few apothecary jars, glittery pine cones and festive charms to your table setting for a magical dinner. You can also use scrapbook paper to make creative place cards or scented peppermint candles for an aroma that’s reminiscent of the season.