Christmas Year-Round
At Christmas Company, the spirit of Christmas shines every day. We embrace festive magic throughout the year, not just in December. Our dedicated designers and installers are with you from concept to removal, ensuring the magic never fades.
Our Process

For us, Christmas is 365 days of the year and a way of life. We’re here to support clients all the way from concept to removal. Our best-in-class holiday lighting installations are sure to warm hearts, but they’re also a sound investment to help drive commercial success.


Your brief
We align to your vision of success, always mindful of your budget. Our journey starts with a conversation about your unique requirements. We delve into your objectives, whether it's prolonging customer stays, boosting spending, or enhancing happiness. We consider space size, layout, your audience, and, of course, your budget to create a tailored plan.


Crafting Unique Concepts
We craft a custom experience exclusively for you. Following our initial conversations, we create conceptual Christmas lighting designs that are optimized to create a profound impact in your space.


Design Phase
We go the extra mile to ensure your business becomes a crowd-puller. After settling on the optimal Christmas light installation approach, we meticulously plan every aspect, down to each bulb, wire, and fastening


Logistical Support
We ease the burden with our full-service approach. Once you approve the design, leave the rest to us. We meticulously plan and schedule your project, covering installation, maintenance, and removal.


Our friendly, expert team strives to ensure your holiday lighting installation is up and running safely and efficiently, setting the stage for your best-ever Christmas season.

Holiday Dream Team

Our team boasts unrivaled technical proficiency, a relentless commitment to quality and exceptional experiences, and a leading position in the holiday decorations industry. With innovative ideas, established vendor relationships, and a history of delighting clients since 2005, their expertise and dedication are unparalleled.